Shipwrecked: Lost Island

You and the other members of your party are stranded! But is that such a bad thing? Now it's up to you to build a beautiful and thriving civilization on the Lost Island! Adventure, magic, and romance await as you explore the mysterious jungle, discover hidden secrets, and build a stunning beach paradise! But be careful! You're not alone on this island.

Enemy Lines

Featured by Google Play with thousands of 5-STAR reviews in its first week! Do you have what it takes to survive behind ENEMY LINES? The world has become a cutthroat battlefield and you have been thrown into the fray. Rise from the ashes, consolidate your military might, and take your revenge! Train and upgrade your troops, begin your campaign of conquest, and battle other players in this exciting real-time strategy game.

Hidden Object: Mystery Estate

You have just been recruited to stop the nefarious Order of the Dragon! They have returned from the shadows & are on a quest to steal the world's most precious artifacts. Only the secret League can stop the Order by finding these hidden objects first. Join them on this grand adventure as you travel the world, find crucial evidence, and live lavishly. Raise your prestige in the League to get the best cases and uncover more of this mystery in Mystery Estate!

Brightwood Adventures

Build your own village and discover secrets that unlock hours of game play. Help brave adventurers that have traveled through the Dark Forest to discover the Lost Village of King Lionheart. Grow an empty meadow into a lively community of bustling Villagers while exploring the Dark Forest, discovering epic artifacts and treasure.

Monsterama Planet

The sequel to one of the top games on Google Play is finally here! Are you ready?! Explore the mysterious Monsterama Planet to find all of its ridiculously cute monster inhabitants! Build new homes for them, discover the secrets of the Astrojungle, and transform the planet into a bustling monsterific civilization!

Monsterama Park

Build a world famous Monsterama Park and discover an insane variety of Monsters. Feed them, watch them grow, and breed them to plunge yourself into hours of monsterly fun!


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